Nick Didkovsky
Nick Didkovsky at Zappanale by Lutz Diehl Nick Didkovsky is a guitarist, composer, and music software programmer. He founded the rock band Doctor Nerve in 1983, and more recently, the metal bands Häßliche Luftmasken and Vomit Fist and the free metal guitar duo CHORD. He is a member of the Fred Frith Guitar Quartet and has composed for Bang On A Can All-Stars, Meridian Arts Ensemble, ETHEL, and others. He has performed with DITHER Guitar Quartet, John Zorn, Billion Dollar Babies, and Blue Coupe. His compositions and guitar work appear on over 50 records. Album credits include Alice Cooper "Paranormal" (2017).

With computer music pioneer Phil Burk, Didkovsky created Java Music Specification Language, which he uses to teach algorithmic music composition at NYU. With composer Georg Hajdu, he has created MaxScore, an object that uses JMSL to bring music notation to Max/MSP.

In 2010, he founded the $100 Guitar Project with Chuck O'Meara. His Punos Music record label ( serves up his more extreme musical projects.

Current projects include a new release with guitarists Chris Cochrane (No Safety, Collapsible Shoulder) and Mark Howell (Timber, Zero Pop), new electric guitar duets with Sean Walsh (Skullshitter), and a new full-length Vomit Fist record.

His Erdős number is 4.

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Latest Releases on Punos Music!
Residency at The Stone (archive listing)
Doctor Nerve by Scott Friedlander Doctor Nerve is a rock band that has been annihilating the boundaries between rock, metal, improvisation, jazz, and experimental music since 1983.
CHORD electric guitar music CHORD is deeply immersive, noisy, slowly evolving heavy electric guitar music.

“...a brutal cascade of sonic artifacts that immerse the listener in a beautiful sea of noisy guitar textures dripping down the walls... slow moving ambient slabs of free-metal... completely free of all the constraining trappings of rock music.” - Peter Thelen, Exposé

CHORD recordings
Häßliche Luftmasken by Scott Friedlander Häßliche Luftmasken is a metal band. "If Motörhead were math majors..."


Vomit Fist Vomit Fist is blackened grindcore perpetrated by Lurkrot, Vürdoth, and Skrag.

Vomit Fist www


Eris 136199 Eris 136199 is an improvising trio with Han-earl Park, Catherine Sikora, and Nick Didkovsky.

Eris 136199 www

Alice Cooper Pretties for You live performance The first Alice Cooper record "Pretties for You" performed live by Paul Bertolino, Nick Didkovsky, Glenn Johnson, Max Johnson, Adam Minkoff, and Nick Oddy! Premiering Nov 8, 2015 at The Stone as part of Nick Didkovsky's residency.



Performance Info
$100 Guitar Project, CD on Bridge Records The $100 Guitar passed through the hands of over 64 players, each of which recorded a piece with it. Bridge Records released a double record of the results! With Fred Frith, Nels Cline, Mike Keneally, Elliot Sharp, Alex Skolnick, Henry Kaiser, Andy Aledort, and many more...

Tony Iommi's Monkey SG, photo by Nick Didkovsky Black Sabbath Guitar Lessons by Nick Didkovsky


YouTube playlist
Ice Cream Time with ARTE Quartet, Thomas Dimuzio, and Nick Didkovsky Ice Cream Time, for electric guitar, sax quartet, and real-time audio processing by Nick Didkovsky. Upcoming show at Roulette!


Java Music Specification Language Java Music Specification Language (JMSL) is a Java API for music composition that support JSyn and MIDI.

MaxScore by Georg Hajdu and Nick Didkovsky MaxScore is a Max object that brings programmable standard music notation, transcription, and playback to Max/MSP.

Punos Music Punos Music Nick's record label and home of Nick's more extreme musical projects. Also includes an archive of online computer music pieces.